The 1981 mystery game Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is ranked as one of the best 100 board games, but until recently you could only play it ten times before you ran out of cases. Following the 2015 reprint of the game, several fans have created and published excellent cases of their own. This table aims to keep track of these cases in a clean format:

Case Case Date Author(s) Publish Date
A Case of Bad Fortunes Oct 11, 1891 Jean Millemann, translated by Graham Penny & David Czechowski Aug 11, 2016
Murder Behind Closed Doors Jan 10, 1888 Stefano Adriani, translated by Laurence Tennant & David Czechowski Aug 1, 2016
The Death of Sherlock Holmes Dec 2, 1893 Cody Fleming Jul 28, 2016
The Case of the Clay Potts Jun 5, 1895 Rogue Trooper Jun 25, 2016
The Diavolo Case Jun 24, 1889 Yann Gentil, translated by Dominic Mahon & David Czechowski Apr 1, 2016
The Mystery of the Hanging Man May 14, 1889 Yann Gentil, translated by Dominic Mahon & David Czechowski Jan 29, 2016
The Slain Scholar March 18, 1886 Thane Mullen Aug 20, 2015
The Commandeered Corpse Nov 12, 1890 Steven Dewhurst Aug 16, 2015
The Ogilvie Curse May 18, 1888 Tim Stevenson & Beth Stanley Sep 17, 2014

In addition, David Czechowski maintains an exhaustive listing of all known cases, including unreleased ones, here.