This Valentine’s Day I spent a romantic evening with a glass of wine and a computer, compiling a list of around 2000 rhyming anagrams. I call these unique words ‘anagrhymes’. Anagrhymes are rather like Kim Kardashian’s love affairs: they sound as if they might be interesting, but turn out to be extremely dull. It eased my own loneliness to discover that almost all of the word groups turned out to lack anything more than a superficial connection. In addition, there were some very ugly discoveries: ‘incest’ is just one letter away from being ‘nicest’. The best anagrhyme is probably ‘tapestries’ / ‘striptease’, which just goes to show how unexciting most of them are.

gallery, allergy, largely, regally
cartesian, ascertain, sectarian
psalters, plasters, staplers
parental, paternal, prenatal
layering, relaying, yearling
coursing, scouring, sourcing
certification, rectification
catering, creating, reacting
alerting, altering, relating
adroitly, dilatory, idolatry
conservation, conversation
teheran, earthen, hearten
skating, staking, tasking
psalter, plaster, stapler
loaders, ordeals, reloads
lasting, salting, slating
drawers, rewards, warders
dangers, ganders, gardens
catered, created, reacted
carting, crating, tracing
capitol, optical, topical
angered, enraged, grenade
andrews, wanders, wardens
ambling, blaming, lambing
alerted, altered, related
petitioners, repetitions
intervening, reinventing
impressions, permissions
deification, edification
cataloguing, coagulating
calligraphy, graphically
attentively, tentatively
anthologies, theologians
ulster, luster, lustre
striptease, tapestries
statements, testaments
spotlights, stoplights
skates, stakes, steaks
serves, severs, verses
rashes, shares, shears
procedures, reproduces
praetorian, reparation
pertaining, repainting
naples, panels, planes
marine, airmen, remain
mantle, mantel, mental
last, lats, salt, slat
kroc, rock, cork, rock
introduces, reductions
intervened, reinvented
infarction, infraction
indiscreet, iridescent
incest, insect, nicest
impressive, permissive
impression, permission
housewares, warehouses
fliers, lifers, rifles
filtration, flirtation
elisha, sheila, shelia
egocentric, geocentric
discerning, rescinding
delude, dueled, eluded
decimation, medication
decimating, medicating
dealership, leadership
damien, maiden, median
countering, recounting
conserving, conversing
chattering, ratcheting
certifying, rectifying
bruise, buries, rubies
begins, beings, binges
barely, barley, bleary
auctioning, cautioning
arnold, roland, ronald
algorithms, logarithms
alarmingly, marginally
admonition, domination
aden, dane, dean, dean
unaltered, unrelated
statement, testament
stateless, tasteless
spotlight, stoplight
snatching, stanching
resorting, restoring
reserving, reversing
redrawing, rewarding
posturing, sprouting
pertained, repainted
parceling, replacing
overturns, turnovers
orientals, relations
limestone, milestone
licensing, silencing
kitchener, thickener
hangovers, overhangs
foundling, unfolding
excepting, expecting
enlisting, listening
downloads, woodlands
discerned, rescinded
densities, destinies
demurring, murdering
demanding, maddening
decimated, medicated
creditors, directors
crediting, directing
creations, reactions
courteous, outsource
countered, recounted
complaint, compliant
collapsed, scalloped
certitude, rectitude
certifies, rectifies
certified, rectified
buttering, rebutting
buffering, rebuffing
auctioned, cautioned
attentive, tentative
aspirates, parasites
argentine, tangerine
altitudes, latitudes
allotting, totalling
allergies, galleries
algorithm, logarithm
seton, stone, stone
sabre, baser, saber
rated, trade, tread
posts, spots, stops
parts, tarps, traps
nepal, panel, penal
mabel, mable, amble
lasts, salts, slats
klein, kline, liken
horne, rhone, heron
herod, rhode, horde
dowry, rowdy, wordy
demos, domes, modes
dales, deals, leads
bryon, byron, robyn
brain, brian, rabin
boers, bores, robes
beard, bared, bread
baird, braid, rabid
aries, arise, raise
argon, groan, organ
andes, danes, deans
alger, elgar, lager
theaters, theatres
swelters, wrestles
sondheim, hedonism
socrates, coasters
snatched, stanched
skirting, striking
singling, slinging
shooting, soothing
seething, sheeting
resorted, restored
reserves, reverses
rescuing, securing
recourse, resource
pursuing, usurping
pointers, proteins
platters, prattles
pedaling, pleading
painters, pertains
mutilate, ultimate
minutely, untimely
meriting, mitering
mastered, streamed
licenses, silences
levering, reveling
layovers, overlays
kitchens, thickens
insulted, unlisted
hassling, slashing
greening, reneging
glinting, tingling
gateways, getaways
flirting, trifling
excepted, expected
entrails, latrines
entirety, eternity
enlisted, listened
enlarges, generals
earnings, grannies
drugging, grudging
download, woodland
doubters, obtrudes
dorothea, theodora
discreet, discrete
discerns, rescinds
desiring, residing
deranged, gardened
depraved, pervaded
departed, predated
demurred, murdered
decimate, medicate
creditor, director
credited, directed
creators, reactors
creative, reactive
creation, reaction
compiles, complies
compiled, complied
cloister, costlier
clippers, cripples
climaxes, exclaims
clematis, climates
clanging, glancing
cheating, teaching
cheaters, teachers
chartres, charters
charming, marching
charmers, marchers
caterers, terraces
carvings, cravings
calipers, replicas
buttered, rebutted
builders, rebuilds
brawling, warbling
brailles, liberals
bolsters, lobsters
blotting, bottling
blisters, bristles
auctions, cautions
aspiring, praising
aspirate, parasite
articles, recitals
arrested, serrated
angering, enraging
ancients, instance
altitude, latitude
allotted, totalled
abridges, brigades
abhorred, harbored
tribune, turbine
theater, theatre
stating, tasting
staples, pastels
sorting, storing
silvers, slivers
signing, singing
sidling, sliding
shepard, phrased
setting, testing
setters, testers
sellers, resells
seating, teasing
routing, touring
rousing, souring
robbins, ribbons
reviews, viewers
retrain, terrain
retired, retried
retards, traders
rescues, secures
reid, ride, ride
redound, rounded
ragweed, wagered
presume, supreme
present, serpent
pincers, princes
phasing, shaping
perfect, prefect
pedaled, pleaded
patrols, portals
partied, pirated
overate, overeat
osborne, robeson
orlando, rolando
orestes, stereos
options, potions
openers, reopens
opel, pole, pole
olin, lion, loin
netting, tenting
negroid, ignored
moraine, romaine
mooring, rooming
michael, micheal
meir, emir, mire
meeting, teeming
masters, streams
martial, marital
mars, arms, rams
marines, remains
marbled, rambled
mallory, morally
loraine, aileron
looting, tooling
looping, pooling
list, silt, slit
lineman, melanin
license, silence
leopard, paroled
leif, lief, life
leasing, sealing
layered, relayed
laurent, renault
lapsing, sapling
lane, lean, lean
lactose, locates
kitchen, thicken
kirsten, kristen
keeping, peeking
juanita, tijuana
jeffery, jeffrey
intrude, untried
insures, sunrise
inkling, linking
ignores, regions
however, whoever
horsing, shoring
holster, hostler
hitting, tithing
hera, rhea, rhea
hassles, slashes
halters, lathers
greened, reneged
graders, regards
golding, lodging
gilding, gliding
gateway, getaway
garners, rangers
gardner, grander
ganging, nagging
fretful, truffle
folgers, golfers
fitness, infests
fingers, fringes
finders, friends
filters, trifles
fillers, refills
feeling, fleeing
farming, framing
farmers, framers
erupted, reputed
erasing, searing
eighths, heights
east, sate, seat
earp, rape, reap
earning, nearing
earnest, nearest
dummies, mediums
dueling, eluding
drawing, warding
downers, wonders
dormant, mordant
dieting, editing
desires, resides
denting, tending
density, destiny
deepest, steeped
decrees, recedes
decreed, receded
dealers, leaders
daunted, undated
dashing, shading
darting, trading
darnell, randell
daniels, denials
dairies, diaries
cruelty, cutlery
credits, directs
creator, reactor
craters, tracers
coulter, cloture
cossack, cassock
coroner, crooner
corking, rocking
clobber, cobbler
clasped, scalped
choking, hocking
cheater, teacher
chasers, crashes
charmer, marcher
chalets, latches
certify, rectify
caverns, cravens
cashing, chasing
carving, craving
carmine, crimean
carmelo, marcelo
capsule, upscale
cantors, cartons
calvary, cavalry
callers, cellars
burbles, lubbers
bugling, bulging
bribing, ribbing
branden, brendan
braille, liberal
bolster, lobster
boarder, broader
bluster, subtler
blushes, bushels
blowing, bowling
blowers, bowlers
blotted, bottled
blaster, stabler
berated, rebated
bellied, libeled
bedroom, boredom
bearded, breaded
barking, braking
auction, caution
attuned, taunted
assuage, sausage
aspires, praises
aspired, praised
artists, straits
article, recital
armpits, imparts
ares, ears, eras
aplenty, penalty
antlers, rentals
annette, nanette
amen, mane, mean
algeria, regalia
adheres, headers
adhered, redhead
abet, bate, beat
abel, able, bale
abed, bade, bead
wonder, downer
whiter, wither
vowels, wolves
venice, evince
united, untied
trails, trials
torpid, tripod
timber, timbre
tilted, titled
theron, throne
talley, lately
sweats, wastes
sumter, muster
struts, trusts
stefan, fasten
states, tastes
stater, taster
stated, tasted
sprite, priest
spears, spares
souths, shouts
snakes, sneaks
slavic, vlasic
slater, salter
sitars, stairs
sidles, slides
setups, upsets
setter, tester
seated, teased
salves, slaves
sabers, sabres
russet, surest
rushes, ushers
roused, soured
romans, manors
robbin, ribbon
rhodes, hordes
retard, tarred
resins, sirens
rattan, tartan
ramses, smears
ramada, armada
purses, supers
proust, sprout
poring, roping
pluses, pulses
pisces, spices
peruse, rupees
perils, pliers
payers, repays
patron, tarpon
patrol, portal
pastes, spates
parley, pearly
paring, raping
paltry, partly
others, throes
osborn, robson
osbert, sorbet
option, potion
optics, topics
opines, ponies
nudity, untidy
noting, toning
neuter, tenure
nashua, shauna
misled, smiled
minuet, minute
milton, tomlin
mervin, vermin
melton, molten
mayors, morays
mating, taming
manley, namely
luring, ruling
lovely, volley
levied, veiled
levers, revels
lepers, repels
leonel, noelle
lentil, lintel
lemons, melons
layers, relays
latent, talent
kramer, marker
israel, serial
isolde, soiled
inured, ruined
insult, sunlit
ingest, signet
inches, niches
ideals, ladies
horses, shores
hersey, heresy
haynes, hyenas
handel, handle
halter, lather
guiana, iguana
grates, greats
grable, garble
ginger, nigger
gilded, glided
gerard, regard
gerald, glared
genres, greens
garner, ranger
gaping, paging
fowler, flower
finley, finely
farmer, framer
farmed, framed
except, expect
esther, hester
esters, steers
ernest, resent
enlist, silent
edward, warded
easter, teaser
earthy, hearty
earner, nearer
earned, neared
dorian, ordain
doreen, redone
divers, drives
disney, sidney
direst, driest
devoid, voided
denude, endued
dented, tended
denser, sender
denied, indeed
defend, fended
dearer, reader
dealer, leader
dawdle, waddle
davies, advise
dashes, shades
darted, traded
darius, radius
daniel, denial
danger, gander
curtis, citrus
crusty, curtsy
creeps, crepes
credit, direct
crater, tracer
citric, critic
cavern, craven
caveat, vacate
causes, sauces
casual, causal
cashes, chases
cashed, chased
carves, craves
carved, craved
carter, crater
cartel, rectal
carole, oracle
canoes, oceans
caller, cellar
cagney, agency
cadres, cedars
burble, rubble
bugles, bulges
bribed, ribbed
bowers, browse
bowels, elbows
bombed, mobbed
bluest, sublet
blower, bowler
binary, brainy
berger, gerber
bengal, bangle
beards, breads
barked, braked
barest, breast
bagels, gables
awning, waning
asmara, samara
ashley, halsey
artist, strait
armpit, impart
arises, raises
argues, augers
angels, angles
angela, galena
ambles, blames
ambled, blamed
alston, salton
aliens, alines
alfred, flared
aileen, elaine
agreed, geared
afield, failed
yates, yeats
wiley, wylie
wilde, wield
weird, wired
warps, wraps
views, wives
tunis, units
trail, trial
torts, trots
tomas, moats
tired, tried
tenor, toner
tatar, attar
swede, sewed
sweat, waste
swaps, wasps
strut, trust
stein, stine
state, taste
spilt, split
snake, sneak
sloan, salon
signs, sings
sibyl, sybil
shane, ashen
scots, costs
saves, vases
salve, slave
sales, seals
sabin, basin
ryder, dryer
rusts, truss
ruses, users
rubin, bruin
roses, sores
rival, viral
rises, sires
rests, tress
quiet, quite
puree, rupee
pride, pried
pores, prose
piles, plies
piled, plied
piers, pries
pests, steps
pesos, poses
peron, prone
patel, petal
pasts, spats
paste, spate
pares, pears
paled, plead
optic, topic
olson, solon
noted, toned
nobel, noble
navel, venal
nasty, tansy
nancy, canny
moors, rooms
miles, limes
merit, remit
melva, velma
mates, meats
mated, tamed
mason, osman
mares, reams
marco, macro
lures, rules
lured, ruled
loves, voles
lotus, louts
loses, soles
loges, ogles
lists, slits
liens, lines
lenin, linen
lemon, melon
leary, early
lassa, salsa
lapse, leaps
lanes, leans
lakes, leaks
knead, naked
kites, tikes
keeps, peeks
keats, takes
jaime, jamie
italy, laity
hosts, shots
hoses, shoes
hares, hears
hades, heads
grins, rings
girds, grids
gears, rages
gases, sages
gamma, magma
gable, bagel
freda, fared
forth, froth
flier, lifer
fists, sifts
fires, fries
fired, fried
files, flies
fiend, fined
feels, flees
fates, feats
fares, fears
false, leafs
evans, vanes
ervin, riven
epics, spice
emits, mites
elvin, liven
eldon, olden
egret, greet
edwin, widen
edens, needs
ebony, boney
ebert, beret
eaton, atone
earns, nears
dusty, study
dunes, nudes
dries, rides
dried, redid
draws, wards
drags, grads
doyle, yodel
doors, odors
doles, lodes
dirge, ridge
diets, edits
diana, nadia
dewey, weedy
dewar, wader
deify, edify
dawns, wands
dawes, wades
dario, radio
darin, drain
dares, reads
dairy, diary
crude, cured
crisp, scrip
crete, erect
creep, crepe
corny, crony
corks, rocks
coins, icons
codes, coeds
cloud, could
clots, colts
clare, clear
civet, evict
chose, echos
chase, aches
casks, sacks
carve, crave
carol, coral
carla, clara
capes, space
caped, paced
canon, conan
camry, marcy
calms, clams
brute, rebut
brunt, burnt
brags, grabs
brady, darby
bored, robed
boles, lobes
board, broad
blows, bowls
blots, bolts
blake, bleak
berle, rebel
bates, beats
basel, sable
banes, beans
balms, lambs
ayers, years
avers, raves
auden, duane
atria, tiara
artsy, stray
anita, tania
angry, rangy
angel, angle
ample, maple
alton, talon
aloft, float
aline, alien
alden, laden
akron, koran
advil, vidal
adler, alder
adept, taped
weir, wire
wasp, swap
warp, wrap
ware, wear
wake, weak
wade, awed
vein, vine
tort, trot
tide, tied
tess, sets
sues, uses
sony, nosy
sept, pest
sean, sane
scot, cost
saks, asks
ryan, yarn
ruby, bury
riel, rile
reva, vera
raul, ural
rare, rear
post, spot
pits, tips
piss, sips
pate, peat
past, spat
part, rapt
owes, woes
orin, iron
olaf, loaf
odom, doom
nous, onus
nita, tina
newt, went
nest, sent
nero, reno
neon, none
neil, nile
moet, mote
mist, smit
milo, limo
mien, mine
meet, mete
mays, yams
mate, meat
mary, army
mara, rama
lyle, yell
lust, slut
lows, owls
lost, slot
lewd, weld
leos, lose
left, felt
lamb, balm
kris, irks
koch, hock
jane, jean
ives, vies
ivan, vain
irma, mira
iran, rain
imam, maim
huts, thus
host, shot
hoes, hose
hits, this
hewn, when
heir, hire
hank, ankh
hale, heal
gums, mugs
goya, yoga
gory, orgy
girt, grit
gird, grid
gels, legs
gals, lags
gael, gale
frey, frye
form, from
flit, lift
fist, sift
fief, fife
fate, feat
fart, raft
fare, fear
ewer, were
evan, vane
eton, tone
erna, rena
erin, rein
emit, mite
emil, mile
elva, vela
elsa, lesa
ella, lela
elam, lame
egos, goes
eels, lees
edam, dame
eben, been
earl, real
dons, nods
dogs, gods
does, odes
diem, dime
deon, done
dens, ends
debs, beds
dare, dear
dale, deal
crud, curd
colt, clot
colo, loco
coin, icon
code, coed
catt, tact
cato, taco
cask, sack
cary, racy
carp, crap
calm, clam
calk, lack
buds, dubs
brut, burt
bran, barn
brad, bard
bogs, gobs
boer, bore
blot, bolt
bins, nibs
bert, bret
bean, bane
bart, brat
bake, beak
ayes, yeas
arts, rats
arid, raid
amid, maid
alva, lava
alps, laps
alma, lama
aids, dais
adds, dads
acts, cats
abby, baby